Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A little drizzle and a cup of coffee

This morning we woke up to big and very grey clouds in Amman and we got the first rain since I guess mid-may. The funny thing is that I read in the newspaper last week that as of the 21st September it starts to rain again in our little Kingdom - well for once the meteorologist were right! Would be good if they could master that... Rain, a little bit of rain and still 28 degrees. So it's nice, it cools the air but you can still sit outside and enjoy it.

With my friend N and her little boy we had decided to do a little walk this morning and then have a nice well deserved cup of coffee - and for that we went for Second Cup in Abdoun. It's quite handy cause it is close to the park where we go with our little ones, but the downside is that we need to cross a busy road; as usual in Amman, not very walk-friendly. But we didn't let us stop by that and waited patiently for all cars to have passed and crossed the road. For the little story on the way back, 2 cars just stopped the traffic so that we could cross the road, much appreciated.

So, to Second Cup. It's a nice little coffee shop - with a non-smoking section, completely separated from the smoking one, on the ground floor. I like the coffee, and their cakes look yummy too. Didn't have any though - next time. They do all kind of cold and hot drinks. I had a hazelnut mokka late, yum yum.

Specially these ones: I love Oreo - I just discovered them a couple of years ago. I know, 30-something years without Oreo, don't know how I made it! Had my revenge during my pregnancy though.

Their muffins don't look bad either!

And then if you are looking for a place to buy cacti, well there is one next door. They have some really pretty ones.

No need to be like us and walk and cross roads, there is a parking lot next door, so the access is easy. As usual, I have located it on my map.


BrandonOfCanada said...

It should also be noted that Second Cup is CANADIAN :D My roommates joke that if I take my passport with me, they may give us all free coffee...

Croatian_Latina said...

I just love how you discover all these great places and share them with us. I would buy that oreo cake! YUM!

and yippee!! for rain, I'm sure it was nice to get some rainfall.

Babs said...

Yes Brandon it's true, I should have mentioned it :) If the guys behind the counter were Canadians they might just give you a free coffee, but hey you never know try!

Babs said...

I knew you would like the oreo cake :)
It was weird to wake up to clouds yesterday, so not used to it!

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