Friday, 5 February 2010

Baby stuff in Amman

Some things are easy to find, others like baby food (in jars) are a bit more difficult! However not completely impossible. You may think what a lazzy mum not cooking by herself... I wish I could! However we have still not moved into our apartment and if I want Bibs to taste anything else than banana, baby rice or avocado well I don't really have a choice. And there might be other occasions where it is needed! So I have found one small supermarket called "CS Corner" and they have a tiny selection of baby foods - 2 brands, Bledina (French) and Gerber (US); apparently he has also ordered from the UK. The supermarket is located between 4th and 5th circle, the street is called Bou Medien. If you leave the 5th circle (dir 4th circle) it's the second street on your right, the shop is opposite the Belgium Embassy. He also has "swimmers" - nappies for the water. The only thing is it's quite expensive: about 2.5JD for a jar of food and 7.5JD for the nappies... But then all imported things are. The only other place I have seen jar food is at Cozmo - and it is only fruit ones.

What else... car seats, prams, travel systems, travel cots, all that can be found at Mothercare (City Mall, Mecca Mall) but it is VERY expensive! At least twice what it would cost in the UK. There are other shops as well where these type of things are available. Clothes wise - apart from Mothercare - you have a lovely brand called "tape a l'oeil" also available in above mentioned malls, and many others including Debenhams, Zara baby... At the Four Seasons Hotel you can even find Cacharel - but that is also very expensive... 90JD for a dress! but the owner alwsays keeps some of the old collection and will happely sell it very discounted - I got 2 dresses for 50JD - shhh don't tell anyone that I spend so much money in baby clothes :)

Toys wise there is an Early Learning Centre in City Mall and they have exactly the same things as in the UK, but as with all imported goods you will pay it much more - there is a Hemley's as well on the same street as Mecca Mall. Carrefour seems to have quite a large toys section but haven't really looked at it, so I don't know how much they have for babies, but they have a selection of baby-walkers. There are indoor playgrounds in all the malls I think - I have only had a look at the one in City Mall and it seems impressive, there is even a carousel - haven't really looked at it further asy Bibs is far too small - need to take a picture!

That's all I have discovered until now, I will come back with more on baby stuff as soon as possible.


Sonali said...

Hello! I'm moving to Amman next month from Australia, and we'll be there for at least one year. We have a 7 month old baby, so I've found this post really useful and I'm enjoying your blog. We might stock up on some bottled food, swimmer nappies and toys before we arrive. Do you happen to know of any swimming classes for babies held in Amman? Or if you could do a post on general baby activities happening, mother's groups etc that would be wonderful! Thanks!

Babs said...

Hello Sonali! Great to hear that you are moving to Amman :) stock up on all you can - sometimes we can get some stuff, but don't count on it! I haven't found any swimming classes for babies, sadly - but there are lots of in door pools (expensive though...) - I still go to the British club where we have our "baby group" - and it would great if you join - our group is small but very friendly :) otherwise there are a few things here and there, i'll make a list for you - music classes, "sports"...

Christina said...

Hi! I believe Safeway carries many Gerber baby food products as well as Amy's Organice products. Check it out..

Babs said...

Hi Christina, Yes most supermarket carry baby food now... even Ella's kitchen has arrived at Spinneys WOW, some HIPP products at Cozmo.... Thanks

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