Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The disappearing sign and the Turtle Green

Let me tell you the story about the disappearing "no entry" sign... When we arrived to Amman and the estate agent took us out to visit some appartments, she went down this small road and obviously saw the no entry sign, made a u-turn and took the next street. I remember, I thought it was weird! Obviously, there is a no entry sign, so why did she go down that road to start with? Then I didn't think anymore about it. Until one day, I noticed the sign had disappeared. The metal thing for the sign was there, but the sign no where to be seen. Then maybe a month after the sign reappeared?! And this has been going on 2 or 3 times since we arrived. Sometimes you can go down the road (very handy) and other times you are not allowed to. I do wonder if somebody steals the sign or maybe they need it for womewhere else!? As you can see today, the no entry sign is there, but a car is still on the way down the road: never assume anything when driving in Amman!

Then, this afternoon I met up with my friend M and her 2 kiddies and went for a walk down Rainbow Street. I have just realised that I haven't really talked about that area. Well Rainbow Street is located after the 1st circle and with Al Wakalat St. it is also a place where you can easily walk around. The pavements are more than okay and there are a some cafes, bookshops and other small shops to discover. One of the reasons I haven't written about the street, is that I haven't really been down there myself (walking around I mean). So this is the first post, with a few more to come as I discover the area myself! After a short walk we stop at a really lovely tea bar called the Turtle Green.

The place is small, there is a sitting area as you enter and then another one up some stairs. The place offers  free Wifi and was packed with young people surfing net, doing projects, people from the areas doing small meetings there. The crowd is a happy mix of Jordanians, Expats, students and business and of course today us mums. A little apology: the photos are not my best shots but with Bibs wriggling in my arms and trying to get hold of the camera, it is no easy task!

down stairs sitting area, selection of teas and the menu

I had a "Karka G", which is a hibiscus and ginger ale drink and the most yummi homemade carrot cake, Bibs agrees she just loved it! Price tag 5JD. They do pitchers, ice teas of all different flavours, lemonades, coffee drinks. There is no non-smoking area, but while we were there nobody smoked. So if you are in need of free Wifi and a cold drink it's definetely worth a visit! also if you don't need the Wifi...

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