Thursday, 16 December 2010

More tourists to Jordan with Easyjet

As of end of March 2011 it will be a bit cheaper to fly from Amman to London (and vice versa) as Easyjet is opening a new route to Amman. I find that quite exciting. Not that I am a big fan of Easyjet, but more because it should make RJ and BMI lower their rates as well, and that's great news!

A return trip from London will apparently start at £106 inc taxes (according to this website) - the tickets should be going on sale today but I can't find the route on easyjet's website. It's a huge difference with the £500 + it costs on the 2 other airlines operating on this route.

Apart from the obvious advantage for little me, it is fantastic for Jordan - it will help boosts tourism even more. Every month there are reports in the papers about the rise in tourist visits to our little Kingdom, the construction of a new terminal and the opening of such routes by Easyjet can only be good news for Jordan.

Now that means as well, that the authorities need to step up to it. Some of our tourism site are quite nice in terms of orientation - like the Citadel for example. But others like Petra have tons of work to do to greet more visitors. Some sites have been bumping up their prices these lasts months, it's the case of Petra or the Baptism site, but these sites also lack of infrastructure and serious money needs to be invested.


Tourist Scene' Team said...

hi ,great job here .. very amazing blog ..keep work up :-)

Ulrike, Dubai said...

I never know whether to applaud more people coming to my 'home' or not. I liked it when living in Qatar that everybody you saw who wasn't a local, was an expat. I lie, there were about 7 tourists per year, but it was a very exclusive little expat community. Here in Dubai, you don't know whether people are visitors or residents unless they are piling their shopping into the trolley... But on the other hand, tourism is good for the country and also gives you more choices where to savour gorgeous looking hot chocolate, I suppose... :-))

Babs said...

@ Tourist scene Team. Thanks!

@ Ulrike - I know what you mean... but in Jordan's case I think it is very good - there is nothing else here than tourism! Dubai is an another world all together :)

brandoninjordan said...

I'm glad you share my joy in seeing a build up in infrastructure. The new terminal looks like it's going to be amazing. Wadi Saqra's "Living Wall" building (which has been held up in financial turmoil) is designed by the same architecture firm in England. I'd like to see that one finished, too.

Petra is VERY expensive! Thank god for iqamas that make the ticket only 2% of the tourist price :D

Babs said...

I think they have made it too expensivr in Petra... 50euros is stiff for a day! And yes thanks for our residency :)
I am very excited for Jordan about the developement, but they have much to do...

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