Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hot chocolate and Christmas goodies at the Sheraton Amman

X-mas tree in the Green Lounge
Yesterday I indulged myself. I took Bibs to the Sheraton for a hot chocolate. It was yummy, make that Yummy with a capital Y. For 7JD you get a peek in heaven for a little time. If you are into hot chocolate of course.

It comes with marshmallows, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce; you can have it with Baileys, if you are really naughty.

They also sell Christmas biscuits which are really nice. Bibs had the small bag on the right and she devoured them. The bags come in 3 sizes.

I love these houses! I don't think they sell those though.

Tomorrow and next Monday they have live Christmas carols in the Green Lounge at 7pm... might go back for some more hot chocolate. Yummy! They have a special Christmas menu as well with smoked salmon bagels or apple and raisin strudel. I love Christmas!

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