Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Ultimate Christmas Shop! and a little bit of art

Yesterday I was walking with Bibs around in Sweffieh. It's really an area that is worth exploring and I need to do some posts about it. Anyway, I had seen this Christmas shop that I wanted to check out. This is the place to go if you need golden balls for your tree, Christmas napkins, candles (you know the ones that smell of X-mas) or other decorations. The Ultimate Christmas Shop.

You love Christmas? You need that shop. The napkins are only 1 or 2JD max and he has lots of different ones. The decorations are not expensive either. Oh and he plays Christmas carols!

The reason I went to Sweffieh in the first place was to pick up some prints we wanted to get framed. There is a shop called Top Art, the guy is very good and we got 12 prints and paintings framed in only 5 days! It is also a gallery and they sell lots of different kind of paintings, they have something like 4 or 5 floors only with art. When we went last week I noticed two paintings by a Jordanian artist and I really liked them, yesterday they were still there so I decided that that meant I should buy them!

They represents scenes of life as they can be found in caves in Wadi Rum. I don't really know from what era, but my guess is that it is a very long time ago! The one on the left represents a woman putting her child to sleep and the one on the right a person harvesting in the top corner and one making fire underneath.

Prepare yourselves for some more posts about Christmas, it's my favourite season of the year and I must admit, it's a bit difficult to know that I won't be with my parents, sis and her kids this year! But not all is bad: Bobs' parents are coming so that's good.

Happy Christmas Preparations!


kinzi said...

Hello Babs! Thanks for this tip, I am not often in Sweifeyyah and would love a look at this store.

Have you gotten a list of all the bazaars and concerts for Christmas? Our church has a carol sing every year, too.

Hey, Ali (Confessions of a Chubby) asked if the 15th at 5pm would work for you for a blogger meet-up. Let either of us know! I am trying to round up all the ajnabiyya bloggers to come :)

Babs said...

Glad to be of service! Actually there are plenty of small shops in Sweffeih that have Christmas decoration :)I don't have the list for the bazaar do you?
Am trying to make it for the 15th... need to find somebody to look after Bibs!

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