Monday, 13 December 2010

And it snowed in Amman

I have to admit, yesterday when my housekeeper told me someone had told her it would snow today, I smiled. Well it happened. Not a lot, just a bit and at 7 o'clock it was nearly all gone again. But still snow it is. Schools are closed, Bobs was wondering how many had not shown up for work this morning and I'll be an Ammanite and stay at home today, not so much because of the cold, but more because I really don't trust the drivers out there!

can you see it?


Croatian_Latina said...

I see it! wow. hey at least you can say you had snow in the month of december! maybe it will snow again near xmas?

Babs said...

you never know! we might be lucky :) it would be nice to have a white Christmas in Amman! how is your weather... lots of cold?

Mwa said...

Well, I loved seeing your blog name, thinking "Amman - now there's a different place altogether." Not so different just now then. ;-)

Babs said...

@ Mwa - today we are back to sun and shine :)

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