Tuesday, 14 December 2010

After the sand and the snow, Amman is clean again?!

I think the entrance to my building is cleaner that court yard of Buckingham Palace, and I am sure Queen Elisabeth II likes her environment to be spotless.

I know, snow makes things look dirty when it disappears - but this for me is beyond believe. As I took a cab this morning in my street, I realised that all the Harris' have been very busy cleaning, not only the entrances to the building and houses, but also the pavements, there is water absolutely everywhere.

Then as I change neighbourhood, I realise that shops, fast-food restaurants are doing the same. So everybody is praying and crying out for rain. And when it comes we use the water to clean the streets and the cars with? This is something I just cannot understand. There is really a huge education problem here. Or do people simply not care? Is it more important that the city is clean after a snowy day or that those living in areas where there are water shortages actually have some water?

Water preservation needs to be built into people's livestyle. The government, but also schools need to step in for kids to understand how important water is. For the parents and the older generations I fear it is too late: what I see in the streets around here show that to me.


Ali said...

In Jordan nothing makes sense ;)

Babs said...

No Ali, It's true in a way :) I discovered that as well... but that doesn't make it right either!

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