Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Eiffel Tower in Amman!

I giggle everytime I see one of them. Yes, we also have an Eiffel tower in Amman, we have many actually.

I know, they are not as high, or nearly as beautiful as the real one in Paris.

And they don't have quite the same use either. Though I am sure that there must be antennas on the top of the old Lady as well!

And then I saw this one. No, it is not an Eiffel tower, but it did make me laugh.

I know, I don't need much to make me smile... I love the roofs in Amman!


Ulrike, Dubai said...

Ha, ha! We have one of those here, too. AND one in the shape of an Arabian coffee pot. I think they are great!

Babs said...

have seen the coffee pot as well! I just love it - it's so kitsh!

Laia said...

LOl i saw this eiffel tower i don't know why but y take photos of this...XD

Babs said...

thx for dropping by Laia! I love these eiffel towers, they make me giggle everytime i see one :)

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