Thursday, 6 May 2010

Welcome to Al'Wakalat Street

taken from Zahran Street

As I have said many times before, not easy to find places to walk in Amman. Well there is one where you can walk, enjoy a coffee outside and actually do some shopping as well. Yes, Amman has 1 pedestrian street. It is called Al'Walakat Street- located between 6th and 7th circles. As you can see there are even signs to show you the way (rare, very rare in Amman - no make that Jordan!).

This is what it looks like!

There are all the usual western brands you find in the shopping malls (massimo dutti, vera moda, zara, gap... as well as a monsoon, a nice interior shop selling Sia and many others).

This week-end there is the 1st photo competition/street exhibition called "Colors of Jordan", and they were setting up a stage for some live music as well. I say this week end but I don't actually know how long it will last.

Coffee / Shisha place

There are several coffee shops on Wakalat St. This is one looks really nice. It is lovely to be able to sit outside, that is also rare in Amman.

It is a shame that the street is not longer than this - I mean in 5 minutes you have done it. Having said that there is a bit more to this area than the perdestrian street and I will share that with very soon, for the moment I have to run after Bibs who is starting to discover that she can actually get far with this crawling!


PARIMITA said...

lovely place....hope to visit next time

Babs In Amman said...

Yeah it's not bad :) we don't go often, but it's actually a good place for the kids to run around as well! The only street with NO cars in Amman!!

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