Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Back to Normal... with some bubbles!

So everything is back to normal after Eid and it's quietness. By that I mean the traffic, the shops are open, people are smoking in the malls again (I think that Ramadan has made them forget about the smoking ban) and of course the restaurants and food courts are all business again.

Juicebangbang, located in Sweifieh Mall, 3rd Floor

And there has been this place I have been wanting to go to for a long time, well before Ramadan - and now I have finally made it. juicebangbang! It's a bubble tea house. Yes, you can get bubble tea in Amman. Apparently it is originally from Taiwan, but I discovered it in Singapore, where it is widely available as well. The original is cold tea with milk and tapioca pearls. The pearls are obviously the bubble part. Yum! It's the kind of stuff either you find it of no interest at all or you get instantly addicted to it. You guessed, I am part of the 2nd group. The fun thing is I have never been able to drink milk in my tea - never. But this is just soo yummy!

So they are offering the standard bubble tea and then you can also create your own drink: flavoured with crushed ice and bubbles, you can add milk or you can add yogurt. I think the concept is great and very refreshing compared to other stuff that you can find in Amman. Price: between JD2 and JD3.50.

I have been twice since the beginning of the week. The first time, I got vanilla tea and yesterday I tried it with Jasmine tea. The second one is a great lighter option with no milk and just as good with those bubbles

The black in the bottom are the tapioca pearls
So you got it, a great drink! but more to it: the place is really clean, which is a big thumbs up for me and then the guy who is there (i guess the owner? - but am not sure) is really a nice guy. He recognised me instantly second time I came and thanked me for my tweet on twitter, not so common in Amman, that somebody actually says thanks you for something. So: if you know bubble tea, am sure you are a fan and are now happy to know that you can get it in Amman (if you didn't already know!) - if you don't know Bubble tea, really you should go and try it out. Enjoy!


Raya said...

You definitely got that right! everything about Juicebangbang is great!

I'm gonna make sure i share it :)

Babs said...

thx for sharing!
just love the bubbles!

Croatian_Latina said...

both teas you tried sound refreshing. I had never heard of bubble tea, glad I discovered it via you.

Scoop said...

I have never heard of bubble tea! It sounds good though. We're going on a vacation to Dubai next month, I'll have to see if they have it there so that I can try it.

Babs said...

@ Croatian_Latina: when you go to london you can try it...there are a couple of places in China town that sells it :D
@ Scoop: They mioght have it in Dubai, didn't see it last we were there, but maybe in one of the big malls... I never expected to find it here!

Glad I made you discover something haha

bow'n arrow said...

hey thnx for the post, been lookin for bubble tea in amman for a long time, shukran habbibi, thanks!

Babs said...

Hey Bown arrow! You are welcome, but they are closed right now as they change location... they are staying in the same mall but are going down on the ground floor. Check out on Facebook they have a page, they should update as to when they are going to reopen... Looking forward to it :)

Asad1985 said...

Hehehehe.. I had my first bubble tea 3 weeks ago in Vancouver. The funny thing my Canadian friends asked me if we have it in Jordan, and I said NO! I'll tell them tom about my new discovery haha, thanks Babs :)

Michelle and Robert said...

You are right, bubble tea comes from Taiwan. I lived in Taiwan for 4 years and never touched bubble tea! When I moved to New Zealand, I had one and LOVED it. I kicked myself for not trying one in Taiwan!

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