Thursday, 30 September 2010

Breakfast Review I: the Four Seasons Hotel

We, by that I mean a few mums from our group, have decided to meet up once a week for a breakfast. A way to have a good time together and also an opportunity for the kiddies to get used to the idea of spending time at a table and maybe learn how to behave as well. Well, that's my theory, because Bibs is just crawling around the table, emptying my handbag and tries to open the cupboards in the restaurant. The other kiddies are sitting nicely and enjoying their breakfast!

Breakfast room
The Four Seasons Hotel is very beautiful. It is located at the 5th circle, and if you are looking for the entrance it is behind the hotel! From 5th circle take towards the 6th at the first street take right and right again. It's at the end of the road. It's a bit hidden and no signs either. The breakfast area is on the lower lobby level. The room is not that attractive: it looks very much like a hotel restaurant, if that makes sense. Not much charm. Just a big room, with lots of tables. Just as we left I noticed an outside area, which was probably closed though, it was 30 degrees outside today so lovely weather, a bit of a shame really.

The buffet however was very nice: there is the usual pancake/waffle/egg station, then fruits, cereals, meat cuts and cheese, bread selection etc.There is also an Arabic breakfast section, with falafel, fried halloumi and other goodies. The orange juice, they say it's fresh, but am not that sure, seemed a bit concentrated to me, maybe I am mistaken.

The Buffet Area

The Arabic Breakfast section

Price-wise, we paid 16JD + taxes (so more or less 21JD), which I find a bit stiff really - I don't think it was that good. The service was nice, every baby had a high chair, however I asked for the front table that goes with the high chair it never came. We did get some cookies though. That's the thing when you are with babies... you do get some extra attention.


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