Thursday, 9 September 2010

Iftar @ the Sheraton Amman

So last night we finally made it for Iftar - quite good considering it was the last night! Ramadan ends tonight. We had a nice evening - with good food and loud music. It started at 7pm, and we were there at 7.05 and most tables were already in full swing eating enormous plates from the buffet.

The dinner started with a lentil soup - that was already on the table. And then food from the buffet. I thought the buffet was really nice... As you can see not many people there considering that there were seats for 350 people and all tables were full! They were all busy eating.

The Buffet
I thought the buffet had a very nice layout. Pricewise it was 26JD plus tax and service charge.

There was also a music band, playing traditional music and loud, but that is part of the ambiance. Unfortunately the picture I took was not that good, so we will have to pass on that!


Croatian_Latina said...

I love lentils!
That last photo, that's the largest 'flour tortilla" I have ever seen!

Babs said...

me too :) am a lentils fan! we eat them Mauritian way: with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chilli miam!!

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