Saturday, 2 October 2010

Finally! Some planning to do

Arriving over Mauritius

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to seeing that again! I have been waiting and waiting, done some more waiting and finally I can write this post: our holidays are nearly booked: Mauritius here we come, beginning of November: off we are for a little over 2 weeks of sun (oh we have that here), okay then, the sea at 5 minutes from home, gorgeous food... Creole, Indian, Chinese... Trees, big public gardens where we can take Bibs for a walk, to feed the fish or the deers or sit on the tortoise. And of course the most important the family. My little princess is going to spend time with her 2 sets of grand-parents and that's really something I am looking forward to. My parents have decided to come as well. It is going to be a small family reunion.

don't really think that Bibs can sit on one of them!

but surely she can try to feed the deers
We are so excited about going. We haven't been to Mauritius for 2 years now and we both miss it a lot. Then of course the planning of the holidays... what are we going to do, where are we going to eat, what hotel should we treat ourselves to? The hotels in Mauritius are amazing and generally the service is really good, so we always spend a bit of time in a hotel. The Mauritian people are very nice - and I am not only saying that cause I am married to one of them!

Grand Baie, village in the North of the Island

Very old tree in the Jardin des Pamplemousse
33 days to go!


Ulrike, Dubai said...

Oh, I am jealous. We went to Mauritius last year and loved it. Lots to see and do and the hotels are gorgeous, the water sports perfect - it's just the best place for the entire family to really relax. Enjoy!!

Croatian_Latina said...

How exciting! let the counting begin! being around family is good for the soul.

Babs said...

@ Ulrike... Where did you stay? We have tried quite a few hotels already, but we always like to go somewhere new! :) Am so glad my parents are coming and my parents in law haven't seen Bibs since Jan so they are really excited as well!

Babs said...

@ Croatian_Latina Lady!! IT is good for the soul, agreed! I think we value it more as we are far away from our families, don't you think!? Don't worry counting down :D

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