Tuesday, 19 October 2010

She makes me smile

Bibs is growing so fast. 14 months and a bit already! She has just started to walk and is so proud; she giggles all the time. Last week we were in a hotel lobby, she was walking holding my hand and screaming "haaaa" "hooo" all the time. She got all the attention from every single person, and was so happy about it.
Since she has started to toddle a bit around she started to wear shoes - now she always wants them on, well not exactly: we put on socks and shoes - we take off socks and shoes. Dozen of times during the day. Every time she laugh - she thinks it's hilarious.

Since she was a tiny baby, I have been reading for her and she adores books. Her new passion is for my recipe books. She'll sit and look very seriously at a recipe, get my attention and say "hmmm hmmm" pointing at a picture with a dish on. The best books are those with animals though, she listens carefully to all the sounds I can make and then sometimes she tries to repeat what I say.

Bibs loves when I cut her nails, specially the toe nails. She'll find my nail file and come with it, sit down and point on her toes - I know that means "mum get the nail clippers will you!" - and then we need to put a bit of cream on as well. She copies everything she sees us do. Daddy puts hair gel on in the morning and she sees it, at some point during the day she'll grab a tube of cream and pretend she does her hair.

The way she cuddles her soft toys, specially the last one. A true daddy present! She'll sit on him, lay on him, give him cuddles and kisses.

She couldn't stop laughing when she saw her new friend sitting in her stroller.

Her 2 other favorite soft toys: Peter Rabbit and little Rabbit
And then I love... the way she empties all the kitchen cupboards, and sometimes a pack of spaghetti as well; the way she laughs when she knows she is going to take her bath or the way she whinges when I don't quickly understand what it is she wants. The way she "dances" in her car seat or "sings" along to a song.

And I could go on and on...

Suddenly she is not our little baby anymore... she has transformed into this little girl, with so much personality. I love being mum. I love spending my days with her. I feel so fortunate to be able to stay at home and see her grow.


joey said...

what a wonderful image of the bear in the stroller - i can see why she found it so amusing! They grow so fast don't they!

Babs said...

She grows way too fast! she loves that bear too and wants to put it in her stroller at least a couple of times a day. but she is too small and then get annoyed. She is soo funny!

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