Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Ammani Guide

One of my Australian friends passed me this guide about Amman, and in a way it's really great. There is tons of very useful info about the city if you are new here but also good for those you have been in Amman for a while and are still trying to figure out where you can get this or that brand or what the emergency numbers are.

It is divided in sections - like fashion, home, maps, shopping malls, services and even take away menus. It is renewed twice a year I guess and costs JD2.50/copy. You have the number to order on the picture above on the left - am going to order one today!
The city is divided up in some small but useful maps
Map of Mecca Mall - quite handy!

It is only made of ads and lists of shops but one of the difficult things about Amman is that you don't just go to one area and find all the shops that you need/are looking for - like in London if you go to Oxford Street well you spend the day and know that you have all the shops you need. Here you'll have one shop on this corner and one shop on that corner, and you have to drive in between - so unless I know that there is something to stop for I rarely go and discover shops - it is nearly mission impossible with a baby and stroller. I found shops in this guide I didn't know existed and I love it! For a Jordanian guide it's not bad at all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Babs,
Great blog! It's great to have an expat perspective on Amman and Jordan.
You might like to check out http://www.facebook.com/GOMagJordan.
It's Jordan's latest magazine (only 2 months old!) and prides itself in being the definitive guide to what's going on in the country.
Hope it helps for your future blog posts!

Babs said...

'Thanks :) I will definitely check your magazine out!

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