Saturday, 30 October 2010

Breakfast from Crumz and a Chinese for lunch

Yesterday morning I decided to treat Bobs with a nice breakfast; I took Bibs and off we went to Crumz, to get fresh bread and croissants. Crumz is located in Abdoun, not far from Abdoun mall or fitness first. The bread is nice and soft and the croissants not bad at all! There is also a large in-door sitting area to enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. 

Entrance & out door terrace at Crumz

They even have special Halloween cup cakes, donuts and other cookies.

I then stopped at Starbucks for a coffee. This Starbucks drive through is just so handy, with Bibs in the car!

After a little swim - in-door now - as all the out-door pools are closed till next summer, we decided to try another Chinese restaurant, and we went to Chop Sticks in Swefeih, not far from Cozmo. Actually they serve Indian and Chinese food. Amazingly we haven't really given up finding somewhere to get our Chinese fix, but of course we were disappointed once more.

We had some dumplings, as usual made with chicken, they have a vegetable version as well. Then crispy chicken, which was indeed crispy, but hard as well, not that exciting. The best was probably the fried noodles, you can taste it was not a Chinese who had made them, but they were okay. The bill was 20JD. I guess it is the best we have tasted in Amman, but I doubt we will go back. Maybe the Indian food is better...

A week to go and we will have top Chinese food in Mauritius! So excited!
As usual, I have put the places on my map, the link is at the bottom of the page.


Croatian_Latina said...

It's amazing, but your morning outing sounds something I would do in the States. fresh bread and the drive thru at starbucks! Love it!

SO one week left, you must be busy packing, and repacking.

Patricia said...

Have you tried Wox below Crumz? Not bad Chinese food in there.

Ulrike, Dubai said...

Wow, that sounds so much like our Fridays. We had omelettes at Pain Quotidien for late breakfast, coffee and muffins at Nero's later and a Chinese for dinner! Can you only imagine a weekend without going out for food? Or cooking?!
Happy Halloween!

Babs said...

@ Elisa I have never seen drive Starbucks before we came here - I don't think they exists in Europe! Haven't start packing yet, I must get cracking today!!

@ Patricia - thanks will give it a try, never know :)

@ Ulrike, For us it is most cooking at home, but in the UK we used to go out to eat all the time! Hard to imagine food not being part of the week end!! Happy Halloween to you too.

Croatian_Latina said...

Hey Babs, I tried logging in to Ulrike's blog but I can't. Did you have any luck?

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