Sunday, 11 July 2010

London here we come!

I have a day full of packing to do in front of me. Amazingly enough, even though I have packed a fair amount of times in my life, I am still rubbish. I have tried to make lists but I still manage to forget things and Bobs usually ends up without his belt or socks and me without my hairbrush! But I can't forget Bibs' things, can I? So very methodically this morning I went through all her things and took everything I think she might need - well everyhting that I saw. But no illussion though I will forget something, it's for sure.

We are flying BMI and that's a premier so let's see how it goes. I started with sending them an email requesting a bassinet for Bibs and to get seats on the front row - but apparently these seats are taken and the bassinet can only be requested at the airport. I don't know where to put the bassinet anyways if we don't have the row in front of the partition wall... I hope for them that it's families with babies at these seats or somebody else who really needs them otherwise they'll be dealing with a fat complain... hm not impressing service - but let's see, I might get pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly surprised by an airline? doesn't happen that often though.

The weather forecast for London is not too bad, only a couple of days with rain, but the temperatures will be much cooler and that's nice - they have forecasted 38 degrees here tomorrow and that's in the shadow and that's hot! So s drop around 15 degrees is appreciated. Well, they are the temperatures we will be coming back to in 3 weeks time.
We don't have internet connection where we are going, well unless we can hook up on the neighbour's wifi, so I cannot garantee on the news, I will be writing my posts though and put them online when I can.

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy summer and fab holidays if you are off somewhere.


Scoop said...

Enjoy your time in London! And, I can relate to your packing dilemma, I always manage to forget something, even though I have detailed lists saved on my computer. But don't worry, in London you can probably easily buy whatever you forget! Have a wonderful trip!

Ulrike, Dubai said...

We're off to London next week as well(and then on to Canada)- enjoy and have a lovely summer!

Babs said...

Thanks Ulrike, you too enjoy!

Babs said...

Thanks Scoop! Didn't miss that many things in the end... quite proud :)

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