Thursday, 12 January 2012

Play-date morning at J'Imagine

J'imagine is the name of a indoor play area, it opened a few months back. Bibs and her friends absolutely love going there.

As every thing in Amman, you need to find it first. It is located on Princess Basma street in Abdoun, on the first floor of a bank building (opposite MyGym, another indoor play area, if that helps!) - I have updated my map so you can find it there as well. I think I drove past it 10 times before i finally saw a small tiny sign in one of the windows. There is a empty land next to it where you can park. The entrance is 8JD (in my opinion a bit too much) and the kids get access to a little world full of pretend areas, a toddler heaven, an arts and crafts activity room as well a room with sand and water tables (a favorite!).

I really like the set up of the place and it is safe - the kiddies can run around and play.

PRETEND CITY... It's lovely really. All possible costumes, followed by a kitchen, a supermarket, a vet, a little nursery just to name a few.

This is the water table where the kids can fish, as you can see there are small fountains. There is also a sand pit. 

Then the toddler area - only for the small ones under 3. Bibs and Bobsy love it in there - so much to play with - even though most of the things we have at home or very similar! - But toys are like food in a toddlers world... always more interesting when not at home.

And because they think about the kids but also the parents - there is a nice cafe. A little selection of coffees and cakes, water, flavoured milk and small snack bags. I love the snack bags, it's a brilliant idea: a few smarties, some biscuits, raisins and dry apricots along with a few light salted items.

Cafe Counter: Notice the small snack bags.  

They host birthday parties so better check with them before you go.I think that Bibs and her friend could have stayed all day. The mummies as well, if only they would offer a free coffee refill...

Ah I nearly forgot, the arts and crafts... I have to share my daughters piece of art! Brought home for her daddy of course - yes, she is still daddy's girl!

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