Friday, 13 January 2012

Another year has gone by...

... and today marks the second anniversary of our arrival in Amman. Like last year, today is a rainy day, there has even been some snow in the air. Like last year Jordan needs the water desperately.

Of course the arrival of our little Bobsy was the highlight of 2011! When we found out we were pregnant, we talked a lot about where I would deliver - should I stay here, go back to Europe? After talking a bit to friends here and there, I decided that staying here was the best for all of us. It wouldn't have been fair on Bibs to take her away from her daddy, her friends and playgroups when her life was going to change so much already. It must be a little traumatising to suddenly have to share mum and dad! However Bibs loves her little brother - cuddles and kisses him all day long. Wouldn't have been fair on the daddy either for that matter. Anyway, I started to look for an obstetrician and found a really nice one, I trusted him immediately. The great thing here is that the obstetrician does also the ultrasounds, so unlike in Europe, you get to see your little bean grow every time you have an appointment. I have not one bad thing to say about my experience, a part from the fact that there are 2 rates when you go to the doctor here: one for the Jordanians and one for the expats! I delivered at Farah Hospital which really reminds one more of a hotel with its single rooms, suites and even royal suite (2 bedrooms and a huge reception area! I just visited it, didn't "stay" there!). Of course a delivery room is what it is, but you do have the most amazing view over Amman - so while I was laying there and wondering why oh why I had said "no" to the epidural, I was also admiring the sunrise over Amman.

The View from my room @ Farah Hospital
And we got flowers and flowers and more balloons, here are a few! A speciality here. 
And our Bobsy was born and now I can't remember what life was before he joined us.

The Arab Spring came and went (while the storm still blows in Syria and Yemen) and Jordan, well,  I guess remained the same. I never felt the protests and never thought that it could become a problem. Business in Jordan was hit though - tourism declined as western tourists chose other destinations, one  Prime Minister succeeded the other and Amman's former mayor got released this morning after one month's detention over corruption allegations - bail: 300'000 JD, rich mayor. 

When I re-read last years post, One year in Amman!, nothing much have changed: I still like the same things and the things I didn't enjoy as much, well to be honest I like them even less now - but I have decided not to get upset anymore by unconscious drivers (private or taxi drivers, male or female, Jordanians or expats) or by male chauvinistic behaviours! Kind of New Year resolution. 

We still have many things to do here in Jordan, I can't believe we haven't made it to Aqaba yet and I would love to go to Wadi Rum - but life with a tiny one is not always easy to plan! So here is to more time in an amazing country. 

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