Friday, 20 January 2012

Waffles and Art in Jabal Amman

This afternoon I met with a couple of friends and their kiddies - first we went for waffles, then for a little bit of art.

For the waffles we went to Wild Jordan - I have already mentioned this place in my blog - I think it was the first cafe I went to when we first arrived. Well in 2 years it hasn't changed one bit. The view is still as amazing, the little shop full of great present ideas (for others or yourself!) and the cafe full of goodies!

Outside Wild Jordan
View from the terrace over downtown Amman and the Citadel (I really like this pic!) 
Bibs' waffle - Well Bibs had the ice cream and I had the waffle 

And some pics from the shop... Lots of jewellery, decoration items, soaps and a few items for the kitchen, puzzles or teas - the best: a little bit for each purse.

We then walked a little bit up the street to Nabad gallery. I forgot to write down the opening hours, but it closes for lunch and then is supposed to open at 3.30 to 7pm. I say suppose because we went at 3.30 but it was still closed... so went for the waffles instead.  I am sure I had a picture of the entrance some where but I can't find it. But the doors open on a lovely small courtyard, with orange, pomelos and lemon trees. Bibs and her friends loved running around out there.

Until the 8th of February there is an exhibition named The Tenth Maqama - Paper, Clay & Memory IV - by Mahmoud Taha.

I found the exposition really interesting. A couple of examples of his work. 

On the gallery's facebook page you can be kept up to date with the current and future expositions and the gallery also offers drawing and painting classes.

Update: an article in Jordan Times about the artist's work (29/01/12) -

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