Sunday, 29 January 2012

A piece of cake

A year ago I had to drive all the way to City Mall to get some cake from Paul's. But that changed around Ramadan last year - some guy had the brilliant idea to open a shop in Abdoun. Life changed.

I'll go and take pics one day of the actual cafe in Abdoun, but I couldn't resist sharing today's cakes. I didn't eat them all by myself and even kept de coffee eclair for Bobs. Maybe he would have preferred the mille-feuille, but that one was too good looking! And as we say in French, absentees are also wrong!

Above... Strawberry tart, raspberry tart, lemon tart (definitely one of my favourites), banana and chocolate cake (for the kiddies, but the mummies loved it as well), strawberry mille-feuilles and the coffee eclair. Which one do you prefer?!

If you want to indulge, looking for some comfort, or simply have a sweet tooth like me and any occasion is  good for cake-time  (today lunch with a couple of mummy-friends) go to Paul. In my opnion, their pastries are the best in town. 

And because Bobs is still not home, I might just go and suck out a bit of cream of that coffee eclair! 

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