Monday, 5 July 2010

From the Kitchen

I have the chance to be married to a very good cook, and this past 2 weeks, Bobs has been quite experimental. So here are a few things he has tried out in our kitchen in Amman. As some of you know we are desperately in the search of Chinese/asian food, I think we have in a way given up on finding something decent here, instead Bobs has decided to make it himself.

Peking Duck

Yes, I agree the hanging is a bit funny and we couldn't put it in the kitchen, it's far too hot out there, so it was in the living room under the AC. So it hang there for a good amount of hours and you have the result on the right. Not too bad for the first try. Of course we had hoisin sauce, homemade pancakes, spring onions to go with it. I promise the best in Amman - probably the only as well, unless the Chinese Ambassador is a fan as well - he must have a good cook! 

Vietnamese spring rolls and a Pho

Spring rolls are not that difficult to make, it's just the folding that takes a bit of time in the beginning. The Pho is our take on the famous soup and was not that bad actually. I know the original is made on beef but we used the duck (from the night before!) and it gave a lovely rich taste. Then we put wontons and some chicken in it as well (not standard either).


We love fish-balls - not something you can buy here either. It takes a bit of work to do them but it is well worth the effort. Then we made a crab soup on the right and a chicken broth on the left. Yummy!

Noodle soup with greens and duck

And then some not so Asian dishes...

Bobs loves BBQ, so we have bought a small one that is on the kitchen balcony. Now we have it once a week... and it is actually very nice.

Marinated lamb chops and grilled fish

Finally, one of our favorites from the old continent: Risotto.

Lobster Risotto


Another dane said...

That looks really nice!Jeg bliver helt misundelig! If he ever writes down any of the recipes, please let me know;-)Or maybe he can recommend a good cookbook?

Elisa, Croatia said...

Haha when I first saw your blog pop on my blog reader I was trying to figure out the first picture.
And you said these are from your kitchen? They look quite authentic! the last photo tickles my stomach as I'm vegetarian/seafood eater.

I'm working on a post for tomorrow about a recipe i created (but no meat involved)

Babs said...

@ another dane... Bobs doesn't use cookbooks or recipes - it's all in his head! or he'll look at 10 different recipes and make his own mix...
and then he'll look at me and say "you know how to do that now!" euhh... NOT :)

Babs said...

it's quite a funny looking picture no? Yeah they look Chinese... but then I guess it's in his blood, so he just makes it look like that and taste as well. Even if I do exactly the same it doesn't taste like his food - it's the same when he cooks a typical French dish, there is always another twist to it!

Ulrike, Dubai said...

Wow, that looks so good! Will you be taking orders for dinner? I'll have some pho and the springrolls, please!

George said...


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mikapoka said...

Hi, mouthwatering post: I just stumbled upon your nice blog and you made me so hungry.
Fantastic cook, so Chinese looking and tasty I bet.
All the best from old Italy, ciao!

Babs said...

Ulrike, i'll have a look at the shipping :)

Babs said...

Hello Mikapoka! Thanks for dropping by! Chinese food is so yummy, but Italian hmmm, it's probably our favorite! I love Italy :)

Babs said...

Hi George!

Waow, would love to :) will be in touch by email very soon!

stella said...

Wouahou !

I just discover your Blog, I am french living in Sri Lanka and we are moving to Jordan end of september,
Thanks for all your posts, it's very good ! (especially this one, so nice food !)

Merci encore, et bonnes vacances !

Babs said...

Hi Stella! Thanks for dropping by. Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with.
Good food is important :)

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