Thursday, 13 January 2011

One year in Amman!

Waow!, as Bibs would say. One year already, time has just disappeared. A year ago, we were packing the last pieces of luggage and preparing our flight to an unknown country.

I took a little bit of time to get used to this new and a bit strange city, learning to drive around - can't say without getting lost because it still happens - finding an apartment and settling in. But then one day I woke up, only to realise that I actually thought about Amman as "home" - as much as London, Geneva or Paris before.

After a year what are the things that I like about being in Amman? no doubt I like being here...

1. number 1 has to go to the British club - not because I am a member or go their often - but because it is through the British Club that I have met my friends and Bibs' hers.

2. the weather - ok not the best this evening, looks like it's going to rain (but we need it desperately) or maybe there is a sandstorm on the way - but let's be honest, I don't have much to complain about on the weather side - love the sun.

3. the kindness of the Jordanian people - ok some are a bit piss-takers - excuse my French, but others are really helpful and nice.

4. the things you only do/have as an expat: massage at home, for example, or having a (more or less full time) housekeeper, or our apartment building's harris.

5. the historical / biblical sites to visit in Jordan - there is always, something, somewhere to visit (not only Petra or Jerash).

6. ice cream at Gerard's (am writing a post about those ice creams!).

7. hearing small birdies as I wake up in the morning, not something you would have in a large city in Europe.

8. walking around in Sweifieh - I just love that area - all the small shops, my favorite sharwama, Juicebangbang, the only bubble-tea tea-house in Amman and of course Istiklal (stationary and toy shop).

9. local fruit and veg, that costs absolutely nothing (as opposed to imported papaya for example @ JD10 the kilo!!).

10. last, but certainly not the least important, I can stay at home with my gorgeous Bibs and watch her grow every day.

Not everything is perfect when you live in Amman:
- Absolute rip off when you go to Mothercare or ELC and buy something imported
- The fact that you can never be sure you can get something in the supermarket: it is not because there has been a produce for weeks that it will be there today... like Tropicana fresh juice or my usual yogurt...
- probably what disturbs me the most: this is a man's world and sometimes you can feel looled down at as a woman.
- ha nearly forgot, traffic on Thursday afternoon - horrid.

But hey, no world is perfect - and Amman is a nice city to live in. Happy we are here for another year - so many things to still to discover.


Croatian_Latina said...

WOw! a year already? As someone told me, your experience depends on you and what you make of it. I know for a fact that you have embraced your new country and it's culture. Here is to another year!

Little P said...

*gasp* There's a bubble-tea house?! OMG- when did that open! I hope to come back in Aug... I'm soooooo going there! ;P

Babs said...

@elisa ... Am trying!! Still learning though :) but its true i am trying to make the most of it!
@ little P yep there is Juicebangbang located on the ground floor in sweifeih mall... You can follow them on facebook and twitter. Its really an awesome place! Yummy bubbles!

Bashar said...

Hi, i dont know how I came across your post, anyways its really interesting and I realy wich you a pleasant stay in Jordan!

ira said...

Happy anniversary ;-)
Will definitely check out juicebangbang.
And where can you get massage at home??? Please spill details... I just arrive in amman short of one month and dying to have massage or manicure pedicure at home or in a salon where it doesnt cost a fortune...

Scoop said...

Congrats on your first year! Those are some wonderful positives that you've mentioned. It sounds like such an amazing place.

BTW, I really miss my housekeeper!!

Babs said...

@bashar thanks a lot! Hope to see you!
@ira for the massabe, if uou have a housekeeper ask her! They usually know somebody! The same for manicure/pedicure ... Rates are around JD25/hour for massage and 7/8 for your nails... :) def go to juicebangbang!, its great
@ hi scoop! How is anchorage... Cold i see on the weather forecast! I bet you miss your housekeeper! Hope all is well.

Asad1985 said...

I'm so Happy that you're enjoying your stay in Jordan :) btw I lived in Jordan all my life and you've been to places that I've never heard of :)

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