Saturday, 8 May 2010


I have never been a trousers girl. You know, some women like trousers and others prefer skirts or dresses. In highschool I didn't wear the usual uniform: jeans. I would rather freeze my butt off in shorts or skirts in winter. Another thing about me: I don't care what people think about me, never have, never will. So where does this bring us?

Well, one of the biggest differences I have felt yet is clearly clothes wise. For the past 4 months (yes, already!) I have been the only person I see with a skirt. Ok nearly, but the only with bare legs certainly. Don't get me wrong, my skirts are of "longueur convenable" like the nuns at my school used to say: acceptable length or just on the knees (that was before the shorts in highschool).

How many times have I been in a shopping mall where people are looking at me with nearly disapproving looks, because of my bare legs - women more than men actually - men don't seem to care (or look), but women do. I would never go to downtown Amman in a skirt, but in a western world invention: a shopping mall with underwear, short skirts and small tops in the shop windows I can't see the harm. Who are buying that stuff anyways as nobody wears it? besides the point. Here the uniform is jeans as well (for the women not wearing a hijab obviously), even now that it is 30 degrees outside. Very rarely, I would see other expat women but with very very long skirts - something 1. that doesn't suit me, 2. that i don't like them.

But then came yesterday. I don't know if it's because the weather is clearly warmer, but yesterday I met 3 others who skirts on. And they were not touching the floor! So even if I don't care what people think, I don't like to hurt anyones feelings. Now that I know that I am not alone I feel much better!


ira said...

Hi babs.. I am so glad i found your blog. You are absolutely right! I visited amman in december during the winter and i too wore a knee length jeans skirt to city mall and notice there were no one wearing skirts. But tight tight jeans seems to be the norm. I am visiting again in 2 days and was also doubtful about packing any skirt before i read this :)

Babs said...

Hi Ira! Clothing is a bit odd here, i must admit! Am happy you are finding my blog useful :) Enjoy your time in Amman!

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