Friday, 14 May 2010

My week in snapshots

Where has my week gone? Don't know... and it isn't blogging that has taken up all of my time! So what I have I been up to?

Well, as you know Monday was Sushi day!
Okay, these are not the sushi that we made with my friends! But, I just wanted to share that there are some decent sushi places around Amman. We usually eat them at the Sheraton. There is a small sushi bar on the buffet in the all-day restaurant The Spice Garden and you can get them "a la carte" as well.

Tuesday I took Bibs for a walk...
The park by City Hall in downtown Amman

There is a nice walk to be done around the City Hall, it is very stroller friendly and it is easy to park the car as well. I like pictures of people. Random pictures with random people. These 2 ladies were just sitting and enjoying the sun and their kids were running around and playing in the grass. There were families picnicking as well.

Wednesday is "baby group" day at the British Club.
The pool area @ the British Club is now open

Ages ago I promised an update on the membership for the "Mums & Babes" group - I have not forgotten it is just that it has taken them some time to come up with a decision! So here it is: there is not a yearly fee anymore, but we pay 1JD each time we come and the money collected goes towards toys and others for the group; we also get to use the pool area when we are there. We are all think it is a very good solution. If you are a full member you don't get to pay anthing. This wednesday we stayed and had lunch, they have a nice menu, at very reasonable prices.

Yesterday, Thursday. Aaah I feel better - I haven't missed so many days of blogging! Anyways, yesterday, I took Bibs swimming in the morning. I hadn't been for a while, which is ashame bacause she has forgotten that it is something that she enjoys a lot! I need to make it a habit to go at least a couple of times every week. There again we go to the Sheraton (you have guessed we don't live very far!) - they have an outdoor and indoor pool. The outdoor pool is now open but still way to cold for my little girl. Even if we are hitting the 30 degrees every day now the pool is still only 20 degrees - but I don't think it will take so much time before we can use it.
Outdoor pool

I needed to stay at home in the afternoon as I had somebody over to do some wiring for the TV/phone. It shouldn't had taken whole afternoon, except that instead of 2 o'clock he showed up at... 5! Don't you just love punctuality? the Jordanian way, of course!

Then I wanted to share this YouTube video. Absolutely nothing to do with Amman though. I like Lady Gaga's songs and this is kid performing Paparazzi - have a look it's worth it!

We had a very late night yesterday. Bibs' aunty arrived and we are really excited about that, I can't wait to show her Amman and pieces of Jordan! I'll try to blog as much as possible about the things we are going to discover as we go along. Meanwhile, enjoy your last day of the week or your week-end depending where in the world you are...


Elisa, Croatia said...

So a question: you can use the pool at the sheraton without being a guest there? do they charge you? It's a beautiful pool indeed. Enjoy your time with your family. I just returned from visiting me and I'm now just catching up (on blogging)so don't worry if you don't have time. Family comes first.althought I would love to read about all the places you will be visiting.
P.s. by the way, that sushi looks yummy.

Mary and Sean said...

You certainly look like you're having a nice time there. Glad to see you have little projects and excursions every day...

Babs said...

no unfortunately you have to be member and it's quite expensive, but hey what don't you do so your little one can enjoy some activity :) but it also gives access to the fitness area... if only I had the time. Are you still Jet lagged being up at this hour?? haha

Babs said...

@ Mary & Sean - I need to be a bit creative though, not easy to find things to do everyday with a little one full of energy!

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