Monday, 3 May 2010

An afternoon at the Children's Museum

Last friday I said the weather was dull? Well yesterday it was Winter - with a capital "W", not used to temperatures dropping under 15 degrees anymore! And at least there is one place to go when it is cold... and when it will be getting too hot as well - apart from shopping malls obviously.

Yesterday with my friend, we took our girls to the Children's Museum. Did I mention that Bibs is 9 months today? I have a 9 months old baby girl. She is waving goodbye to Daddy in the morning, screaming of joy when he comes back in the evening as we wait by the front door. She is so concentrated as she crawles to get my shoes, my camera or my handback - I really need to learn to put things away now! And yesterday she tried to stand up by herself, not quite there yet, but she was flat on her feet, her butt in the air. 9 months...

Back to the Museum. I think I can speak for both of us, we were quite impressed. Entrance fee is 3JD per person (we didn't pay for the girls) and there is something to play with for all ages: from toddler to 10-12 year old.
Children's Museum, located in the highest part of King Hussein Park

As you enter there is a library and a cafe - that is for the kids who like to read and the parents to take a rest! And after that you walk from an area to another, pretty much every thing is covered: the human body, stars and space, farm animals, ancient times (where kids can do some digging), communication (with a radio station)... and some more as you can see on the pictures below - and much more than that! - all of the areas have interactive games:

View inside the Museum (Left); Electricity (center) and recycling (right)

Plane - you can go inside and sit in the cockpit - supermarket (right)

Obviously Bibs and her friend are a bit too small for all this, so good thing there is a toddlers' area (and a huge area where kids can lie on the floor and draw) as well as a small but nice aquarium!

One of the fish, Bibs really liked!

This is a must go I would say. Kids won't get bored easily in there (there is also an outside area) and they might even learn so stuff at the same time.


Laura O said...

Hi Julie! This is Laura O. Just testing the commenting thing. The museum sounds cool! Will definitely take Mina there next time we are in Jordan. Would be lovely if you three are still there next time we visit (maybe sometime next year), we could meet up at last - how long is Bibs' contract? Lots of love, Laura xx

Babs said...

Hi Laura! Just posted my congrats on Facebook :) can't wait to see pics and hear more! We are still here for at least another 18months, so I hope we'll have time to meet and go to the childrens museum together!! lots of love xx

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