Saturday, 5 June 2010

"There is more to life than increasing its speed" - Mahatma Gandhi

How true is that? And that's exactly the reason such places as the Hot Springs in Ma'In and The Six Senses Hotel exist. To forget that we live in a world where everything must always go faster and faster. In a world where we don't take the time to truly appreciate all the things we enjoy. It is the second time we visit and are still as impressed by the tranquility of the place. You feel serene as soon as you enter the resort. Despite having brought my walking shoes and my friend's backpack for Bibs I didn't get to do the walks I wanted - time just goes so fast and it's difficult to plan with a baby isn't it? Well is actually mission impossible! But I keep faith, I will succeed before we leave Jordan to get up at the top of these mountains and see what's up there. I have always liked walked around in the mountains, the village where I grew up in France is surrounded. Anyways back to Ma'In. Never the less I have brought back some pictures of this gorgeous place. You can read about our first visit here.

Like most hotels, in order to save money they propose you to not change your sheets, your towels everyday. At this hotel they are very eco minded and I feel they are going the "extra mile" to preserve the environment.

I like this much more than the boring fliers large hotel chains use!

The information board, outside the hotel. All boards used are in wood.
I know that you wouldn't expect to see wooden boards in a business hotel.

Most of the furniture (maybe all the furniture!) in the hotel is in wood.

The Lobby

The Brown Bar

I just can't get enough of the views
That mountain on the right is the one I want to get up on

As last time we had an amazing dinner. They have a Thai chef staying for 18months, so if you crave for some good Thai food you know where to go.

We had a red duck curry, a green chicken curry and sauteed beef.

Because of Bibs, we always have room service. A part from the Thai main courses we also shared some traditional cold mezze. The red curry was definitely the best, but all were really good. 

We enjoyed some really nice massages and of course a swim in the Hot Spring before leaving the next day. I find the road absolutely amazing as well, so here are some pics! 

It is not only rock mountains you see on the road...

I would guess that this was also a spring, unfortunately there is no water running there now

And then... we saw these camels out for a walk!

Notice the Baby Camel in the middle!

Hope you have all enjoyed your week-end. We certainly did!
My sis-in-law is flying back home. tonight. It is going to be strange not to have her around anymore. It was easy when we were in the UK. My sister and her kids just up the road. Now we are all over the place again. Europe, Middle East... Am not nostalgic at all, but it is a strange feeling when you don't really know when is the next time you will see your loved ones! 


Elisa, Croatia said...

wow,what views, I see what you mean about the serenity..Glad you had a fun time with family. I'm sure you had many stories to share, Hong Kong, Jordan...we had a wonderful weekend with family as well.

Nadya said...

The hotel and the location look amazing Babs - I'm jealous x

irene Ma-Poon said...

trop touchant ton histoire. a faire encore pleurer

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