Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A day at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

Now I couldn't have my sis-in-law visiting and not bringing her to the dead sea, could I? So yesterday morning with left straight before Bibs' nap so she could sleep all the way down there. I have to say that my daughter is a treat to take somewhere: she slept in the car both ways, had a super time in the pool and enjoyed sitting at the table the whole time we had lunch! I hope it will continue, lol! It makes it so much better and easier to go somewhere.

View of the terrace on the lobby level at the Kempinski Hotel

After the Marriott last time, we decided for the Kempinski Hotel; and what a good choice. We really had a lovely day.

We met up with one of Bibs' friends little M. The girls had a swim together at the one of the hotel's many many pools... I think Bibs stayed in the water for at least 45 minutes. It was nice and with the palm trees there is a little (tiny, tiny bit!) of shade.

Notice the tiny bit of shade! 

We then had a lunch at what I would call the main pool, the Akkad Pool Grill. The lunch was nice, the price was a little expensive (2 soft drinks & 2 main courses: JD42). I have to share the picture of my sis-in-law lunch, we thought the presentation was definitely worth a photo!

The presentation is funny! (it's the mixed grill)

After that we went down to the sea - the hotel is very nice to walk around in. Lot's of trees, a nice path - very stroller friendly!

To the left: main pool - which is very, very deep; to the right a view of another of the pools

The beach at the Kempinski is far better than at the Marriott as well as is the access to the sea. I went for a swim... didn't have any magazine with me - but my sis-in-law tried with her "Glamour" magazine and I think it remained dry for about 15 seconds! It is not an easy task to keep the balance...

My sis-in-law reading her very wet magazine!

When we left, we had complementary bottles of water as well as some tissues in the car. I thought that was a very nice touch! Specially, considering the external temperature marked 40 degrees in the car, as we were on our way back to Amman.


Angela said...

Hi Babs!

Thanks for sharing your lovely experiences, wanted to do the same with our facebook fans as well so put an excerpt with a link to your blog. Hope that is okay. Have never been there myself but I think it's beautiful! Will definitely think about it for my next vacation!


Roland said...

Love the post as much as I love the place. Have been there various times.

Another place Kempinski has new in Jordan is at the Red Sea, fabulous hotel, great design...


Elisa, Croatia said...

Hubby had a job offer from Kempinski's new location in the northern part of Croatia. But he declined the offer. (it was too far from his family) But judging from your pictures, looks like a beautiful hotel!

That's hilarious, your sis-in-law reading her magazine!:)

Babs said...

Hi Angela, Of course it's Ok! I am flattered :) it is really a nice hotel.

Hi Roland! Lucky you. I hope to be able to go back soon as well... and I haven't been to Aqaba yet, looking very much forward to it. But I guess it's getting really hot down there!

Babs said...

Hi Elisa, Kempinski is a very nice hotel chain and the hotels are really nice :) Haha you should have seen my sis in law with that magazine, it was soo funny!!!

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