Sunday, 1 August 2010

Where did the water pressure go?

We are back in Amman! And the water pressure I had to leave it in Europe as well as the cold water. These 2 things are really nice, so all you guys in countries with water pressure/cold water, please enjoy it!

We had a fabulous holiday - like all holidays it went far too quick. The first week I had no Internet so no posts, the second week I had some Internet, but the thought of typing on an AZERTY keyboard stopped me from typing anything longer than a couple of lines on an email. Will be preparing my posts slowly, but I think it will get a bit more difficult for me to find time during the day for my blog as Bibs is now standing up, refusing to nap, ... ah she is 1 tomorrow. She has grown so much during the holidays, it's amazing. I cannot believe she'll be one, it's actually scary, scary how fast time flies.

I am very happy to be back in Amman. Yes it is hot, but there is no humidity so it's okay. I am not going to go out just at noon, but I did take Bibs for a walk yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I thought. But then I like the heat, the sun... It's funny before I left the fact of walking around where there are no pavements was really annoying me. As I walked yesterday, I realised that it's just part of being home now. Seriously I don't mind it that much anymore - it's funny what you get use to! Bibs is happy too. She found all her toys, her room and specially her Daddy! They have missed each other a lot, a lot.

On the downside I am still waiting for our luggage and Bibs' car seat, so for the moment we are home-bound! Not really happy about it as I needed to get some presents for my daughter for tomorrow, nothing much I can do about it though - good Daddy has already bought his fair share of pressies.

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