Monday, 23 August 2010

My Ramadan discoveries 1: Carrefour & qatayef

Finally, I have access to my blog; For the past few days, I haven't been able to log onto my blog or any other blogs hosted by blogger... Quite an annoying experience actually! I hope this won't happen again in a too near future.

We are well into the second week of Ramadan now, so I thought I'd write a little about my discoveries, not an awful many, but then there isn't an awful lot happening either!

If before it wasn't a good idea to go to Carrefour after 5pm on Fridays, well during Ramadan, it's not a good idea to go at all on Fridays. I think the whole of Amman is in Carrefour on Friday afternoon! Never in my life have I seen so many people, some with not 1 but 2 trolleys, and these are just so full.


Then we have the biggest displays of dried fruits: dates, apricots or figs…


And the all time favourite Ramadan sweet is qatayef – a less sweet version of the American pancake. All bakeries sell them and they even have special stands. I have bought them a couple of times before Ramadan, but during the Holly Month, this is really a big hit - some say they taste special!

The Mill, a good bakery at 5th Circle

This is what they look like when bought. The qatayef is only cooked on one side and then put together. That’s how I eat them, with Nutella – Bibs likes that too! Traditionally, a half is filled with cheese or nuts and spices like cinnamon, folded in 2 and then they are deep fried. These sweets even had an article about them in the Jordan Times of last week!


Ehab said...

Oh you have to try out the deep fried qatayef. I personally love the pistachio stuffing.

And, you can try the mini ones (Asafiri), have you seen those? Those taste great with banana slices and nutella!

Babs said...

Yep I know I have to try them :) The Asafiri are just the small version? have seen them, do you deep fry those as well?

Croatian_Latina said...

sounds delicious. I could have them all! with Nutella or cheese and cinammon, yummy. and deep fried, yum,yum

Babs said...

haha do you have a sweet tooth?? :)

Croatian_Latina said...

umm, is it that obvious? hehe. Yes, I'm addicted to chocolate and all sweets.

Babs said...

haha don't worry you are not the only one!!!

heather perne said...

Qatayef is good stuff. The first time I bought them I didn't know what they were and I ended up putting syrup on them like American pancakes.

Babs said...

must be nice with syrup on :D

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