Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bibs' birthday cakes

Just a quick post to show you Bibs' birthday cakes. As it coincided with our return to Amman from  our holidays, we celebrated her big day twice: on the day and we were just the 3 of us and then a little bit later with her friends.

Bibs loves animals - during the holidays we took her to London Zoo and it was fabulous to see her laugh as soon as she saw the animals move. Also, my parents have been taking care of my cat since I left home (14 years ago, very good parents I know!) and when Bibs saw her she was ecstatic, most of the holidays we spent chasing old Minette, aka Eugenie.

Minette having a walk in the garden
So the cakes had to be animals... One of Bibs' favorite animals got to be the giraffe - so on the day that's what she got.

Her favorite bed time story is about Elmer the elephant. So yes, you guessed the second one is an elephant (not quite like Elmer though).

Bibs loved her 2 cakes!


Scoop said...

Gorgeous cakes! And congratulations to you and Bibs!

Croatian_Latina said...

Ok share the secret, where did you get those amazing cakes? I LOVE them! the giraffe especially. how special to have two cakes. Lucky girl Bibs.

Babs said...

Thanks Scoop! I can't believe she is one already... time just flies!

Babs said...

They are nice aren't they Elisa?! They come from Bobs' hotel :) it is good to have some connections... The giraffe was a chocolate cake and the elefant a apricot sponge cake yummy!

Croatian_Latina said...

Beautiful and yummy indeed!

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