Monday, 30 August 2010

Birthday by the pool at the Sheraton Amman

Yesterday was one of my friend's birthday - I don't say how much, cause that's not polite haha, and she really wanted to go to the pool at the Sheraton, aka Club on Five, so that's what we planned and we had a fab day!

I really like the pool at the Sheraton, it's a lovely space to spend in the sun (or the shadow) and now the temperature of the water is perfect. It costs 20JD to have access if you are not the member, also on Fridays. I think it is the standard rate in Amman for the week, but I have heard that some hotels charge more on the Friday.

Outdoor pool at the Sheraton - Club on Five
Kids pool

It's really nice with the kids pool - when Bibs will be a bit bigger, she'll be able to walk around in it! All the kids loved it.

There is a also a pool bar, that serves salads, sandwiches and pizzas (no pizza during Ramadan though!), as well as drinks of course. Price wise I find it not incredibly expensive: I had a filet steak sandwich, with some really yummy bread and 2 glasses of fresh orange juice and paid something along with 18JD - that's OK for a pool in a 5* hotel.

No birthday without cake, of course. We had asked the hotel to prepare a cake for our friend... It was gorgeous: with a strawberry mouse and cream and coconut pastry!


Croatian_Latina said...

Ha that;s funny that your friend didn't want to disclose her age. It's the same for my older sister (she thinks it's rude when people ask right up front, 'how old are you?") hehe

that cake is just to pretty but perfect for a girls' birthday!

Babs said...

i think that there are lots of people like that :) and yes you are right a real girlies cake!!
By the way how is Beli's great-grand dad doing??

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