Friday, 8 January 2010

I have the time…

Well that’s what one always seem to think!
So here we are, 20-10 is here… I didn’t get the occasion to get anymore Christmas recipes on my blog – I took the pictures though! –, I promise, I will start earlier this year! But we have just been so busy, and so snowed in, it’s not funny.
Monday, the removal company will be here to pack and pick up our furniture and boxes. I still have so much shopping to do, but can’t get any done because of the snow and thanks to the supermarkets who don’t clear their parking and then you don’t know if it’ll snow again, awww! Frustrating. I don’t really fancy sitting in the car with Bibs and not being able to get anywhere… And Wednesday we are off. Amman here we come.
I wish you all a fabulous New Year! Gr8t health, lot’s of love & joy and some money as well :)
My next entry will be when we are in Amman. I can’t wait! Am looking so much forward to sitting in that plane.

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