Thursday, 28 January 2010

So much to tell!!

I have so much to talk about, I don’t even know where to start… There was this interesting article about the reclassification of the hotels in a new system – I will find time to do a separate post on that.

Then yesterday I was at The British Club – every Wednesday at around 11am there is a Mum & Baby meeting and as babies become toddlers there is a group as well (meeting Sun-Tue-Thu @ 10am I think). You can find the info about full membership on the link above and I think for the Mum & Baby group it’s 90JD per annum – not 100% sure as I haven’t joined yet… will confirm it next week. The group is very nice, yesterday there was a British lady, a scot, a Dane, a lady from New Zealand, a French lady and me :) I am also in contact with a Swedish gal who is coming next week. Babies are girls & boys (most girls though) from 6 weeks to 1 year. Bibs really enjoyed being with other babies! and she sat up for the first time as well, proud mummy I am! I guess it’s because she looked at other babies doing it…

I discovered Cozmo - with a "z" not "s" - (around 7th circle), next to Safeway as well – another shopping mall called ABC mall (also known as Albaraka Mall) and I saw some shops outside where you can walk with a stroller – need to check it out and will get back about it as well. Well Cosmo was really nice – not as big as Carrefour. Lots of Waitrose products and you can buy pork as well – not fresh but as salami, hams… You will have some products in one place and some in another supermarket (I love supermarkets! – I can walk down every single aisle :) Talking about supermarkets you’ll mainly find Johnson’s products for babies here.
I was told there is a shop not far from the 5th circle where you can buy baby food in jars – they have “bledina” – a French product, but apparently they have ordered things from the UK as well.
I need some pictures of all this! next Wednesday I’ll add some of the British Club and I’ll take some of the place I see in Amman – will link a map of Amman as well.

That's all I have time for right now! Need to get ready for a walk with Bibs - Have decided I am going to visit the Four Seasons Hotel...

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