Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow! What to do?? :)

As every morning while I eat my breakfast I read the Jordan Times. It is interesting to see other points of view and read about things you never ever would hear about in European newspapers, but this one made me smile: Snow! What to do? – Activities to try if your family gets snowed in this winter. And off we are for a whole page in the Life section about what to do with your family. I don’t know what the odds are that this would actually happen. A Kuwaiti employee from the main restaurant here in the hotel, told me though that the first year he arrived to Amman – I think it was 1991 – there was 3m of snow and he cried and wanted to go home – but it hasn’t happened since, he reassured me.
The article covers everything from games (kids, intellectual ones…) to watching TV, playing on or surfing the net to snowball fighting, catching a snow flake or measuring the snow should the “hazardous conditions subside”! Maybe some newspapers in the UK should have had the same idea this winter.

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