Monday, 16 November 2009

Getting ready… it’s so exciting…

I have been waiting for quite a while to start this new blog… we didn’t know where we were going! Tickets are not yet booked, but let’s say 50 days to go… and Amman here we come.
We are lucky (or rather say I am lucky) because we don’t have so much stuff to move – Bib’s bedroom and the rest are boxes of mostly clothes and some kitchen appliances, like our loved Nespresso coffee machine and very important kitchen knifes! All boxes should be clearly marked and you have to produce a detailed inventory for the customs. These have to be packed separately and all shipments are subject to full physical inspection. Special remarks go for CDs, DVDs, books which are all subject to Censorship by the Press & Publications Dept – and unsuitable items will be confiscated. The question is what is unsuitable? Apart from 18 rated x movies (not that we have any of those!!), I don’t really know what to expect?? How much / what is censored in the movies available in Jordan?

And then phones to cancel, lots of stuff to donate, car leasing to end… Beginning of Jan seems so close and yet so far away!

We cannot wait for the move! A new chapter in our little life is starting…

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Zach said...

To the three of you - let me be the first to write, ahlan wa sahlan (literally welcome and ease) to Jordan!

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