Saturday, 26 May 2012

A last cup of coffee and a goodbye

Sorry! I have about 10 unfinished posts and time has just been lacking. Suddenly when we came back from Thailand everything went really fast. The email, the phone call and 2 months later we are off, on our way to new adventures.

When you leave a place you suddenly realise that there are so many things you haven't done... I manage to leave Jordan without visiting Wadi Rum, haven't been to Aqaba either; my biggest regret is probably Jerusalem.

There are also all these small places that you keep discovering or being introduced to. My last cup of coffee goes to Caffè Strada on Rainbow Street. A charming small place - they serve good coffee and fab tea - my favorite brand Jing (my friends D & K will be happy to know that even after I have left they can still get their Jasmine green tea in Amman!). Their cookies are nice as well! It is located just opposite the old theater, off Rainbow street - or the first street on your right after the Saudi Embassy.

Facebook link:

And so it is, Goodbye to Amman, Goodbye to Jordan. I cannot believe that we have been here for nearly 2 and a half years. Life has been good here. I have enjoyed Amman very much. I will miss my life here. And of course all my friends.

We are traveling further East this time. After a few stops on the way, we will step out of the plane in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, Indonesia. I will start a new blog and I hope that you will take the time to read about our adventures on the small island. The four Bs in Bali - it is up and running, I just need to get writing!

Thank you Amman, for being so hospitable. I will miss you.


Helena said...

Been a pleasure following you from near and afar, I look forward to following the 4Bs too! Love to you all and safe travels.

Michelle and Robert said...

I've only just found your blog and I have loved it. Very informative. I'm moving to Amman in August so will probably use this blog as a guide. You'll love Bali!! A beautiful country with beautiful people. We spent a month there and could've stayed longer. I'll be sure to follow your Bali Blog, too. Arohanui from New Zealand xx

Anonymous said...

Somebody posted this on the Caffè's wall on Facebook and we just wanted to thank you guys for the kind words and support. It's always nice to read something positive about the Caffè.

Thank you again and we wish you all the best from Caffè Strada.

Babs In Amman said...

@ Helena! Thx can't believe we are leaving tonite! x
@ Michelle and Robert: Enjoy Amman! It's a great great city with many hidden treasures!
@ Caffè Strada: my pleasure your place is great! Wish I had known it before! Thx for posting on your Wall as well.

Elisa said...

A new adventure! I can't wait to read about your life in Bali!

Anonymous said...

My dearest dear: I will miss this blog so much! I have sooo enjoyed your writing!/S Susan

Babs In Amman said...

Hey Elisa! so exciting to be here!!! please come and see my blog...

Susan...Hope to see you in Bali! :)

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