Tuesday, 5 April 2011

You know you are back when... and French cooking in Amman

I simply cannot believe that I have neglected my blog like this! But for my defence we have been quite busy: and no don't worry I have been sitting in Dubai airport all this time... A week after we came back from the Emirates, we suddenly had to leave for the UK and that was that month on March. Pouf, gone! While in the UK, I could have found time to write, but we did not have internet. It's amazing how addicted you get to that stuff, but having said that an internet break is not a bad thing.

To celebrate my return to blogging, I thought I would make a little post about the small things that I rediscover!

So I know I am back in Amman when...

- you loose 15 degrees temperature wise, going from huge sunshine and 26 degrees to 11 and rain in 2 days! Spring time in Amman;
- I can get a couple of huge bunch of lilies at the traffic lights for a tenner;
- I get into Cozmo supermarket where they are renovating and I can walk on the newly laid floor tiles;
- or drive on a brand new layer of asphalt still warm (no wonder the streets are in a poor state);
- I can get tasty strawberries for 250 fils (or a little more) all year around;
- have to get used, yet again, to the non existence of traffic rules in the circles, are so-called roundabouts;
- The kilo of imported papaya reach 20JD or avocados cost 10JD per kilo - that's called extortion, in my opinion;
- when I watch Masterchef Australia and the word "pork" is censured;
- the internet connection is rubbish - one moment fine, the next soooo slow;
- I suddenly discover a German bakery on the parking level of Baraka Mall - where has that come from?? Yummy brown bread.

Then I wanted to share the initiative taken by the French Cultural Centre: 5 French chefs are in Amman this week at the following participating venues: The Grand Hyatt, The Intercontinental, The Sheraton and at Le Notre in Abdoun. We had the chance to try the diner at EVOO @ the Sheraton already, and let me tell you: best food I had in a very long time. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so pics available, but as entree we had an asparagus broth with scallops, followed by lamb saddle. That was only 2 dishes of the  menu degustation - which is 5 dishes served at the competitive price of 37JD (+ tax & service charge) - the menu also comes with a choice of wines to accompany each dish, the price is then 55JD, still not bad in my opinion. They also offer a few a la carte items. The chef cooking at the Sheraton this week is Bruno Doucet. Tonight we have decided to go and try the Southern kitchen at the Hyatt with chef Lionel Levy and this time I take my camera! If you have some extra cash for a good meal out I think it's the week to use it.


kinzi said...

Welcome back! Those were some mouth-watering details...yum!

Sonali said...

So nice to read your blog Babs, and this time, be able to relate completely and know exactly what you mean! (Rather than interpret from the distance of Australia) You've also inspired me to buy lillies at the traffic lights :)

Marc said...

No rules in roundabouts? The rules I observe are to pretend nobody else is there and press on the gas pedal. Hard. (Welcome back.)

Babs said...

haha Marc, you can describe it like that as well :)

Ulrike, Dubai said...

LOL, I posted a blog about Masterchef Australia and the work 'pork' being bleeped out just recently. Too funny. It took me ages to figure out what they where censoring, and then it all made just soo much more sense! ;-))
Welcome back, glad you weren't stuck in DXB all that time..

Elisa said...

hey girl, I seriously thought you were still stilling sitting at the Dubai airport! LOL

We have made our final move, to Colorado this time. Getting settled in and saying goodbye to my family until the next big holiday when we can see each other other.

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