Sunday, 10 April 2011

French diner at the Hyatt Amman

So last week we went to the Grand Hyatt Hotel to have some good French food, made by the Michelin Star Chef Lionel Levy, on the occasion of the French cultural week.

The food was lovely, you can feel that the chef didn't have access to the same kind of produce as what he is used to back in Marseille - but still he made a great job! So here is what we had, in pictures. Am so sorry cause I forgot the titles of the dishes, not very good - but you'll still get the idea of what we had.

To start with, we had snails - I don't think it sounds very appetizing to eat snails haha and I prefer the French term Escargot. So we had escargot in a kind of falafel with a persillade sauce (parsley and garlic).

We then had some more starters... Bobs had a tartar of saumon, which was yummy and I had squid stuffed with foie gras and beef, miam miam.

Oh! and one more starter... just to make sure that we don't go hungry home! The last one was scallops with artichoke. Bibs just said WOW to the picture - she is as interested in food as her parents are.

Then to the main courses. We had a different one each: I had sea bass with asparagus, served with a lemon grass and asparagus sauce. Bobs had lamb served in 2 ways: a confit and pan-cooked rack. Both these dishes were really good.

Then to the deserts - which was not his best point! But then I am sure that he probably has a pastry chef to do them back in his own kitchen! Bobs had a creme brulee with black olives and anis as well as an oil olive ice cream (I was surprised, I really liked the ice cream) - I had a revisited strawberry tart - but it wasn't very "tarty" so was a bit disappointed, the taste was good, but not what I expected.

We had a lovely evening. I hope that they will do the same thing next year, maybe with more venues? It is a great idea and I think sharing through food is excellent.

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