Friday, 9 March 2012

All about ribbons

What a busy week!

It all started with the weather. What a nightmare, okay let's put things in perspective. It only lasted a couple of days and really wasn't that bad, but when you are used to the sun shining and you see clouds too long, it gets a bit depressing. The good thing is that it reminds one how easy and nice it is to have the sun shining most of the time. Everything is so complicated when it's cold out there. Now the sun is back and so is the smile on everyones faces, including Bibs who got so bored with not being able to get outside as she wanted.

Then the city needed a clean up, as usual. Look at this tree in our street!

I can't decide what happened to it. It didn't snow that much, maybe it met a car during the snow period or something.

Then I made it downtown. I haven't been down there in ages. I went to this ribbon/everything for weddings/births and different kind of party decorations shop. I have never seen anything like it. Welcome to the world of "Ribbontex Nazzal". The shop is located in one of the small streets behind the big mosque.

Entrance to the shop
Up the stairs and this is what you get...

And Bibs' favorite: shells! 1000s of them. 

What an amazing world the one of Ribbontex Nazzal!


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Shelby from said...

That looks like pure heaven! We have a store like that here i Tbilisi, but it's all yarn. I keep saying that I should learn how to knit!

Rob Siemann said...

That's a great blog you've got there! Love Amman!
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