Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back in Amman 1: a French Breakfast @ Paul's

So we are back! Back from our fab holidays. Yesterday we decided to use a little bit of our stored energy and make the drive to Karak to visit its castle.

We started with a stop at Paul's for a French breakfast. The croissant was soft and warm and yummy. The baguette, the closest you get to a very good bread in Amman. Even if it is located in a mall, the atmosphere is quite nice, nearly French. They have several options for breakfast (healthy, continental, rich in fiber, low in salt...). We both took the continental, which includes: a warm drink, fresh orange juice, a pastry, a half baguette with jams and butter, for a total of 7JD (inc tax) / per person. Even the coffee is good.
Bibs was a bit hungry, she got a hand on my croissant before the picture!

We then started the drive southwards, about an hour and a half on the desert highway.


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